Date Title Bible Reference Speaker Audio
14th AM Our Suffering in God's Hands Ruth 1:1-22 Kevin Newman MP3
7th PM Jesus' Authority to Heal and Forgive Matthew 9:1-8 Jay Parsons MP3
7th AM A Faithfulness to be Maintained Jude 17-25 Tim Ward MP3
Date Title Bible Reference Speaker Audio
31st PM Jesus' Power Over Evil Matthew 8:28-34 John Phillips MP3
31st AM A Faithlessness to be Condemned Jude 5-16 Kevin Newman MP3
24th PM Jesus Calms Storms Matthew 8:23-27 Kevin Newman MP3
24th AM The Faith to be Preserved Jude 1-4 Kevin Newman MP3
17th PM Jesus Works Miracles Matthew 8:14-22 Steve Smith MP3
17th AM Why Does Everyone Need Faith in Jesus? Romans 3:9-26 Steve Smith MP3
10th PM Jesus Heals the Nations Matthew 8:1-13 Kevin Newman MP3