We love welcoming new people to ChristChurch, whether you are just visiting us on a Sunday or are thinking about making ChristChurch your home.

We hope you will find a warm welcome as you arrive. Ours is a generous-spirited, informal, and active church at the heart of Banstead. We seek to be a Bible-centred, prayerful and Jesus-loving family with a big heart for those who aren’t yet part of us. We believe that the crucified and risen Jesus has good news for everyone and our goal is that all come to see the greatness and grace of God in him. We’re all about Jesus.

ChristChurch is a place for those of all ages and stages, cultures and nationalities, tastes and personalities. We meet on Sundays and in various groups and activities during the week. We have many groups for children and young people but also for men and women of all ages. We meet to help one another live the life Jesus promised, life to the full, and to prepare for the day when we will all meet him at his return. We aren’t intense, try to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously, but we are serious about following Jesus. Our mission is to make disciples of him as we ‘go’, ‘win’, and ‘grow’ together.

Those who have questions or who are investigating the Christian faith are especially welcome and we aim to make our services accessible and offer friendship as well as occasional events and courses for those who wish to investigate the claims of Christ.

We welcome any questions or comments you may have and we hope to meet you soon.

Revd Kevin Newman
Senior Pastor